What do I need for a Newborn Baby?

What do I need for a Newborn Baby?

As if the thought of being a new mum wasn’t overwhelming enough! When it comes to purchases and what you need for a newborn baby there is a lot of information and clutter out there and it’s hard to know what you really need. 

Although I can’t give you a comprehensive list as every parent works differently, I can certainly let you know the items I thought were super helpful for baby’s first year of growth and development. 

1. Baby Carrier 

Newborn baby essentials: Checklist

The best thing you can invest in. Baby carriers hold your newborn baby close to your chest and provide you with free arms to do anything else like go for a walk, type on your laptop or doing the laundry. 

2. Baby Bouncer

Newborn checklist: Everything you need before your baby arrives

Perfect for when you need to pop little one down and keep a close eye on them. Baby bouncers can be easily moved around the house and can keep baby entertained while you shower, go to the toilet, make some lunch and everything else a busy newborn mum does. 

3. Monochrome Baby Rattle 


Newborn Baby Essentials & Needs Checklist

In their first year of life babies have limited vision and studies have found that black-and-white images stimulate the development of the optic nerves and encourage young babies cognitive development without over-stimulating them. The Monochrome love heart teething ring, black and white circles bunny teether and monochrome fish rattle provide them with black and white patterns they can focus on and practice grasping with their little fingers. 


4. Baby Teether with soft and hard surface 


Once babies are 2-3 months of age, they start teething. Teething is an interesting time, it can lead to sleepless nights, lots of crying and restlessness. All you want to do is make it a little more comfortable for your baby. Throw away any plastic teethers you have and opt for a natural teether such as a our Love Heart Teething Ring or Bunny Teething Ring. I love these teething rings as they provide baby with both a hard wooden surface and a soft cotton surface to ease those sore gums. They are easy to clean and the wooden ring makes it easy to grasp for little fingers. Being made of wood also means these teethers are durable, sustainable and longer lasting. 


5. Fully reversible Koala Bib


Who can resist this super cute Koala bib? The oversized bib is incredibly cute on baby but also practical being fully reversible and big enough to catch dribble and food without spoiling baby’s outfit. We also love that this bib is made in Australia with a double layer of pure cotton fleece offering the ultimate coverage and absorbency.