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Should you wipe your baby after every nappy change?


A good question! Should you wipe your baby after every nappy change? We found out that It is not necessary to use wipes to wipe your baby down during every nappy change. Urine rarely irritates the skin and disposable nappies are very absorbent limiting the amount of urine that comes into contact with your baby’s skin. However, it goes without saying that you should always wipe your baby for dirty (i.e. poo) nappy changes!

When you are changing your baby girls’ nappy, remember to wipe from front to back to avoid poo getting in the vagina which can lead to urinary tract infections. Also make sure you clean any poo in the folds of the labia. You may find white discharge in these folds. This is completely normal and doesn’t need to be removed. 

When removing your baby boy’s nappy, he may pee getting urine all over you and everything else. Place a cloth or towel over his penis while you are changing him. There are even specific tee-pees that have been designed to be placed on top of the baby’s penis to avoid pee going over everything during nappy changes. 

Although it may not be necessary to wipe after every nappy change, it's a good idea to wipe down with water or a wipe every few changes to ensure the area stays fresh and doesn't smell.