1-2 years Subscription Boxes | Toddler Subscription Boxes Australia

Love My Baby Box is a baby subscription box service for kids aged 1-2 years. Enjoy a surprise every month for your little one with our age appropriate fun baby boxes. In a world that is full of plastic baby stuff, Love My Baby search to find something different, something special. We source beautiful eco-friendly wooden baby toys, baby clothing, and baby accessories that are all produced in Australia. Our baby boxes include all our bestselling products and more. Have fun and love your baby box or you can cancel at any time. Build your own custom baby gift box and send it to a loved one or let us surprise you each month with our monthly subscription box. Our monthly boxes for one-year-old to two-year-olds are designed to make you feel special. We hand build each monthly box to order to ensure they are high quality and exactly how we would like to receive a gift.