What are the Best Toys for 3 Month Old Baby?

What are the Best Toys for 3 Month Old Baby?

Babies at 3 months are learning to observe objects and their surroundings. It is an exciting time as you can look for toys that help develop their mental and physical skills. At this age, babies are starting if not already reaching and grasping for things. Choose toys that are visually appealing, and have colours and textures. Black and white stripes and black and white contrasts are very interesting to babies at this stage and will keep them entertained. 

Below are a few suggestions for best toys for a 3 month old:

Rattles: Babies enjoy music and sounds so a rattle that is soft to touch can keep them engaged. It also helps their grasping skills. 

Play Mats/Gym: Can be useful for a long time as it provides multiple sensory play.  They often combine different materials to stimulate and promote touch, sense and of course help with tummy time.  

Teether Toys: Strengthens baby’s grasp, soothes baby’s gums.  Make sure to purchase ones that don't have harmful chemicals. Wooden toys are a safer option and environmentally friendly as compared to plastic toys. Our bunny teethers and love heart teething rings provide baby with both a hard and soft surface to soothe those sore gums.  

Touchy feely toys or fabric books: Having different textures are great for exploring and allows baby to feel the difference between soft and scrunchy and are great for your babies senses.