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How can I make my Baby Poop Instantly?

If only we could make our baby poop with the press of a button! Baby poop is a commonly discussed topic among newborn mums and can often involve detailed pictures of poop and a group analysis. 

Constipation in Babies

Babies can experience constipation at certain times due to their underdeveloped digestive systems which are still learning to digest milk and food outside the womb. If your baby seems uncomfortable and upset due to being constipated, there are a few things you can do to help baby’s poop speed along. 

  • If your baby is taking solids, feed baby some pureed pear. Pears are high in fiber and is a great fruit to give to your baby if constipation has become a problem. It can help to maintain regular bowel movement and alleviate constipation. This worked on my first baby and was a regular part of his diet. 
  • Give your baby a gentle tummy massage. Often if you move his/her knees gently up to her tummy and back it will bring on tummy rumbles and a help relieve baby’s gas. This might make your baby feel better and help to move her digestive system along. 
  • Give your baby more fluids. If your baby is breastfeeding, it’s less likely that they’ll be constipated for long. However, if your baby is constipated, you can try feeding them a little more often to help the digestive system move things along. Check with your doctor before feeding baby any juice or water.