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How do you change a Baby Boy's Nappy without Peeing?


The million dollar question!

Although my husband has been peed on several times while changing our baby boy’s nappy, I’m proud to say I’ve managed to stay dry. It’s down to a little technique I’ve used which seems to work for me and my baby but I give no guarantees!

When changing your baby boy’s nappy, firstly make sure the nappy has been peed in and requires a change. It seems simple and obvious but it does depend on how often you change your baby boy’s nappy. Most often Huggie’s nappies and other brands have a line down the middle that changes colour when baby has peed. 

To change a baby boy’s nappy without peeing I open up the nappy by tearing up the sides of the nappy. Before changing the nappy, I give the area some quick exposure to the air (3 to 5 seconds max) before popping the nappy over him again for a few more seconds. The cold air or exposure to wind can often make baby want to pee. By popping the nappy over him again it can often save you from a pee in the face. 

Good luck!