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How do you change a Baby Boy's Nappy without Peeing?

The million-dollar question!

Although my husband has been peed on several times while changing our baby boy’s nappy, I’m proud to say I’ve managed to stay dry. It’s down to a little technique I’ve used which seems to work for me and my baby but I give no guarantees!

When changing your baby boy’s nappy, firstly make sure the nappy has been peed in and requires a change. It seems simple and obvious but it does depend on how often you change your baby boy’s nappy. Most often Huggie’s nappies and other brands have a line down the middle that changes colour when baby has peed. 

How to Prevent Your Baby From Peeing on You

To change a baby boy’s nappy without peeing I open up the nappy by tearing up the sides of the nappy. Before changing the nappy, I give the area some quick exposure to the air (3 to 5 seconds max) before popping the nappy over him again for a few more seconds. The cold air or exposure to wind can often make baby want to pee. By popping the nappy over him again it can often save you from a pee in the face. 

Good luck!