Baby vomit proof, drool proof, wee proof clothing for mums? We road test!

Baby vomit proof, drool proof, wee proof clothing for mums? We road test!

Ever wondered where you could get clothes that were baby vomit proof, drool proof, wee proof and let's admit it - poo proof? 

One of our co-founders Rebecca recently launched a fashionable medical scrubs brand together with her friends from Bondi Vet TV - twin doctors Audrey & Alison. Named 21 Scrubs, the scrubs are where fashion meets medicine, a range of stylish and well fitting scrubs designed to withstand the long hours and the mess of a working day in the medical field. 

Designed to be waterproof, hair repellant, stretchy, quick dry and comfortable, we were given the opportunity to road test the scrubs for a day spent with messiest of them all - children. 

We picked the 21 Jumpsuit scrubs and wore them for a play in the park, in light rain. The water repellant properties were awesome - the water beaded off and I was able to slide down a wet slide without getting a cold, soggy bum. I couldn't say the same for my toddler who ended up needing 2 changes of clothes while we were out!

We then went for a babycino and of course this was a great opportunity for me to test out spilt milk on my new jumpsuit. I'm happy to report that the milk mainly dripped off and any leftover milky residue came off quickly with a wet wipe! 

All in all, we had a fun day doing things mummy wouldn't usually do in her normal clothes. I'm happy to report that I've now got a pair of fashionable joggers from 21 Scrubs that I wear each time it rains.