Best Gifts for Baby Shower

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Best Gifts for Baby Shower

It can be tricky trying to get the perfect gift for a baby shower especially if you don't know what they need or already have.  We've put together our list of gifts that we would love to receive as a mum. 
1. Baby Blankets 
Newborn Arrival Beanie & Blanket Gift Set $79
You can never have enough blankets, wraps, bibs and onesies just to name a few.  Everyone is different, however when asked what you need for a newborn baby, the practical essentials are the same for everyone!

Blankets for a baby shower are an awesome gift. They can be used not only to wrap the baby for warmth, often as an accessory to the pram for protection from the sun, light, noise and great for the car when you want them warm and cosy without having to pile on the clothes.

2. Stylish Baby Bibs

Koala Baby Sensory Box $95

When a baby is about 3 months old and especially when they start eating solids, you can never have too many bibs. Bibs these days are pretty much unisex.  They come in a range of gorgeous patterns, fabrics and styles.  Having one that has pleats not only is a fashionable statement, it doubles up protection as the layers can absorb more moisture.  Most parents will agree there are never enough bibs!

3. Keepsake Gifts 

Letters To My Child Stationery Set - $50

Baby Journals, keepsake memory books and sentimental gifts like our "Letters To My Child" stationery set are sure to bring a tear to the eye. Memory books are great gifts for baby showers as it is unlikely that mum-to-be has bought one for herself.  'Letters to my Child' stationery sets are clever and gorgeously crafted so that a parent can write a letter each year on the child's birthday including interview questions from age 3. Once the child turns 18, they receive a box of these notes and cards as memory keepsake letters.

4. Wooden Teethers & Rattles

Milton Ashby Heart Rattle $35

Teether & Rattles are a practical and great gift for baby showers. Our Milton Ashby range of teethers are beautifully packaged in their own Aluminium box that will be sure to impress. Some designs include a combination of rough and smooth surfaces which help with the baby's teeth & gums and makes it more interesting.  It is important though to choose ones that are made from natural resources and are environmentally friendly.  Wooden teethers in particular are ideal both practical and stylish! 

5. Baby Clothing

Grey Aussie Animals Romper $55

We all know how many times a baby needs to change their outfit! A baby can never have too many nice clothes as they grow so quickly. Onesies are an awesome gift for baby showers. Keeping in mind clothing that is consciously made, without harmful chemicals and is friendly to the environment are always a bonus.  As the baby's skin is so delicate and soft, it is always wise to choose garments that are made from organic cotton - natural and breathable.  

6. Cute Ugg Boots

Australian made baby ugg boots $29

Super adorable warm socks or Ugg baby boots! Perfect gift for a baby shower gift especially in cooler months.  These adorable baby gifts are hard to find as they may not be available everywhere, but they are super stylish, soft and comfortable.  

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