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What are good Gender Neutral Baby Gifts?

Looking for a gender neutral baby shower gift? What are good gender neutral baby gifts?

The needs of baby girl or baby boy in their first few months of life are very similar – revolving around sleeping, eating and pooping, and so choosing a gender neutral baby gift is easy. Traditionally the colour blue is used for boys and the colour pink for girls however most gifts these days come in gender neutral colours such as grey, green, white, yellow and red. 

Here are our top ten ideas for gender-neutral baby gifts:


  1. A wooden teether toy – For those parents who are concerned about their babies chewing on plastic, a wooden teether toy is the perfect choice.
  2. Rattles are a great way for babies to practice their hand motor skills. Entranced by the noise of the rattle, babies will be constantly entertained. 
  3. An adventure mat that a bub can lay and play on is the perfect practical gift for a baby.                                                   
  4. Burping is an important part of the feeding routine with a new baby and a burp cloth that protects mum’s clothing is a must. 
  5. Babies dribble, a lot. Bandana bibs are cute and will help to protect clean clothes from drool and rogue food.               
  6. Zip up sleep suits are perfect for the cooler months. You can get ones that have a two-way zip so that changing babies is faster, and ones with fold-over mittens and socks for warms and to ensure babies don’t scratch themselves overnight.                                
  7. For the warmer months, a short-sleeved or singlet bodysuit with buttons at the crotch are a practical gift for babies. 
  8. A white-noise machine so that nap time can happen at home or on the go to drown out noise and let the adults have an actual grown-up conversation.
  9. For the more sentimental, a foot-and-handprint kit that will help mum and dad preserve all the good memories of those early days and months that go by too quickly.
  10. Another one for the more sentimental, a beautiful baby memory book that child and parents alike will treasure 20 years from now.