Why do we choose Australian Made Toys for Babies?

Why do we choose Australian Made Toys for Babies?
Australian Made Baby Gifts 


At Love My Baby, we are known for selling Australian made baby gifts, toys, teethers and baby clothing. This has been our mission from the very start. Aussies love to buy Australian made and along from being well trusted, Aussie made usually means having high standards when it comes to quality. With babies putting everything into their mouths to explore, we wanted to ensure we gave them the safest product. With organisations like AustralianMade.com.au and movements like #buyfromthebush and'Shop local', Aussie consumers understand that it might mean you pay a little bit more for Aussie made but it delivers a range of flow-on benefits that help Australia as a whole:  


    • Buying Australian made baby gifts is advantageous to our economy as a whole, retaining and creating jobs for our citizens
    • You can be rest assured that the toys and clothing are built to Australian safety, quality and environmental standards
    • Value for money.  Australian made baby products are something we are proud of and are built to a standard, not to a price
    • According to recent Roy Morgan research, if every household spent an additional $10 a week on Australian Made products, it would inject an extra $5 billion into the economy each year and create up to 11,000 new jobs.
There is an increasing demand for buying Australian baby gifts as consumers are more aware and selective about what they give their children and being conscious of how they are made.  Lastly, Australian made baby toys that are made well, get passed down from one generation to the next.  Imagine, you could end up buying less!
Most importantly, we hope by supporting Australian made that we can create a brighter future for our children.