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Feeling and Emotions Flash Cards
Feeling and Emotion Flash Cards Use these flash cards to increase interaction with children, aid communication skills and help foster an investigative mindset.


Feeling and Emotions Flash Cards


Make learning about feelings and emotions fun with this set of brightly-coloured illustrated flash cards. Each card features a different feeling or emotion with descriptive words. Each card is laminated and features rounded corners for longer life and durability.

Brand: Two Little Ducklings

Country of origin: Australia

Material: Laminated thick paper/card

Colour/Design: Feeling and Emotions

Age: Recommended 3+ years but suitable younger children under supervision

Approximate dimensions: Cards are 10 x 15 cm

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth as required.

Warning: Children 3 years and under should be supervised when using cards. Cards should not be chewed or sucked on, doing so may result in small parts causing a choking hazard.

Feeling and Emotions Flash Cards

Feeling and Emotions Flash Cards