Cloth Nappy Facts

Cloth Nappy Facts

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How do I use my one size nappies?
Snap the top snaps to the bottom row of snaps for the small setting, the middle snaps for the intermediate setting and leave the unsnapped for the large setting as your baby grows.  Place the absorbent insert in the pocket of the nappy.  You may use more than one insert for extra absorbency.  Your nappy is now ready to use.   Your cloth nappy goes on just like a disposable nappy.
When doing your nappy up, check to make sure the fitting is snug and there is no gaping around the legs. 
HINT:  Use Flushable Liners to catch your solids. This can reduce a lot of cleaning time before washing.

Using your nappies for the first time?
Wash your cloth nappies prior to use to remove any residue that may be on your nappies from the manufacture.  Please use no more than 60 degree water temperature as this can damage the PUL (waterproofing) material, and will make any warranty null & void.

How do i prepare my nappy for washing?
Once your nappy has been used remove any solids, rinse your insets and place them in a bucket with a lid WITHOUT water.
The recommended detergents to use are a powder detergents, some suggested brands are Earth Choice, EcoStore, Panet Arc Aware or something Eco friendly that is not filled with perfumes, dyes, whiteners and brighteners and softeners as these products will reduce the life of your nappy.

Where should I dry my nappies?
The best way to dry your cloth nappies is in the sun (this is a natural bleach).  Or on those impossible rainy days, in the dryer on a warm temperature setting.

What shouldn't I do with my cloth nappy?
Do not soak your nappy as this will reduce the life of your nappy. 
We do not recommend the use of washing with vinegar, baking soda, fabric softeners, lux flakes or Napisan.

Can I use nappy creams or powders?
If you need to use nappy rash creams or powders, place a flushable liner in between your baby and the nappy to avoid any build up occurring on your nappy as this will reduce the absorbency.

Will cloth nappies cause nappy rash?
Nappy rash is caused by a build up of urine or solids which burn the skin.  This can be avoided by changing your baby more regularly.


Leaking Nappies:
Are usually caused from detergent or nappy cream build up, poor fitting nappies or maximum absorbency of the nappy has been reached.  Soak and scrub your nappies with a couple of squirts of dishwashing detergent in a water no hotter than 60 degrees to remove the greases caused from some nappy creams and then wash until all suds have been removed.    Check the fit of your nappy and add extra inserts for absorbency or change the nappy more regularly.

Smelly Nappies:
Are usually caused from detergent build up.  Use a recommended detergent and ensure that your nappies are rinsed properly.  Look for clear rinse water without suds.

Stained Nappies:
Hang your nappies in the sun as this is a natural bleach for your nappies.

Velcro Tabs not sticking:
This is just general wear on the nappy.  Place the nappy in a dryer on warm-high heat only for a couple of minutes which should fix the problem.

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